Frank Eliason - @comcastcares

If you’ve ever heard of @comcastcares on Twitter then you’ve heard of the guy behind it, Frank Eliason. Comcast has become one of the more well-known examples of a company using social media to listen and respond to customer service requests and inquiries. I’ve hung around with Frank on numerous occasions and I’ve generally seen him glued to his BB or iPhone responding to customers at all hours of the day and night. Talk about a dedicated guy trying to making sure customers are taken care of. And now there is an entire team working with Frank at Comcast to assist with outreach and engagement. Frank has a lot of insights to share and I am thankful I was able to tear him away from his BB for a few minutes to capture his thoughts on video. :)

David Alston “So let’s kick things off, there’s been a lot of talk about the ROI of social media. And in terms of engaging, it appears that there are companies are still debating on whether they should make the leap.”

Response (1:28 min.)

David Alston “Some CFO’s might be thinking that an investment in social media during hard-times might be seen as discretionary. Frank, what are your thoughts?”

Response (0:46 min.)

David Alston “What do see in the future for Comcast in terms of social media listening and engaging. Is this just the beginning and do you have other things you want to accomplish?”

Response (1:26 min.)

David Alston “What about those who say Comcast is a big company in the tech space with lots of customers and online conversation BUT my company only sees a handful of customers discussing online so why should I care about investing in listening and engaging?”

Response (0:42 min.)

David Alston “There has been the occasional article talking about a handful of people who question whether companies should be reaching out to consumers who talk about them online. There was an article that mentioned Comcast actually in their discussions. I know that vast majority appreciate the fact that companies make the effort to reach out and since these are public conversations many do it in order to be heard. What are your thoughts on this?”

Response (1:28 min.)

David Alston “So what are the results of being there, listening and engaging?”

Response (1:00 min.)

David Alston Frank is the Director of Digital Care at Comcast. He’s a great interactive speaker so if you can try to catch him at any number of social media conferences coming up this year. And he’s a heck of a nice guy just to hang out with too. Thanks for the interview Frank.

PS. I also featured on of Frank’s responses in a recent article on social media ROI I wrote for MarketingProfs. Check it out here.

What do you think of Frank’s advice?

* This interview is one of a number of interviews done with various leaders in social media at the MarketingProf’s Digital Mixer in Arizona at the end of October. The theme of the interviews was around why social media is a smart investment for any marketing, PR or community support professional, regardless of the economic climate. Thank you to all those who agreed to be interviewed. Sorry it took me so long to get the edits done :)