Please note: we are currently updating this post to provide you the latest Salesforce Marketing Cloud capabilities (May 2013)

Based on your suggestions and feedback, we have recently added more new features to the Radian6 Dashboard. Please keep the requests coming.

River of News - new features

Twitter Metrics You now have the ability to sort Twitter posts by Twitter metrics in the River of News widget. So you can now quickly and easily view Twitter conversations based on who has the most followers, friends and updates. Twitter profile pics now also appear with each tweet to make it easier to recognize people you may already know.

Forum Replies Forum Replies are now tracked as their own media type, allowing you to now track forums at the thread level and/or at the individual reply level. You can set the media type at the Topic Profile level and also on the configuration panel on the widgets. In addition, Forum Replies is now included in the influence model – including the influencer EQ and the Influencer widget.

Forum Thread Size In addition to being able to track Replies, you can also sort Forums based on thread size, allowing to see where the most active conversations are taking place that are mentioning your brand or topic of interest.

Streamlined River of News Sort Curtain The sort curtain in River of News now has easy-to-use drop-down lists for selecting sort options and workflow filtering options. In addition, the new “thumb tack” on the far right of the curtains allows you to lock the curtain down for even quicker access to your sort and filtering capabilities.

Multiple Simultaneous Post Deletes Open the sort menu in River of News, click and edit and the widget goes into edit mode allowing you to select multiple posts — even across pages in the River of News — and batch delete posts in a single click.

Additional Vote Metrics In addition to the existing bookmarks and vote metrics, we now include Reddit votes in the Vote metric.