Yesterday Google announced OpenSocial, and the social media landscape changed dramatically. OpenSocial is a set of common interfaces for developers to build applications that work across (almost!) all the major social networks, like MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, and so on.

Noticeably absent from the launch day announcement is Facebook, which until yesterday had the monopoly in the world of social network applications. Over 7000 applications have been developed on Facebook in the 5 months since they announced the developer platform. Anyway you cut it, 7000 applications developed to target your 50M users is an impressive achievement.

What a difference a day makes. With the announcement of OpenSocial, Google and their launch day partners are now offering application developers a single development platform to target a user base significantly larger than Facebook. The scope of the disruption yesterday points to the red hot nature of the social media landscape. Will Facebook join OpenSocial? Likely. Are we done seeing game changing moves? Not a chance.

We’re excited to see all the creative directions that developers may take this and what the landscape will look like 9 months from now. 9 months ago was Twitter’s coming out party, and in that time it has many wondering if it and services like it are the future of communications. It certainly will be part of that future.

Where will OpenSocial take us? Hard to say, but it’s bound to be exciting and generate a lot of new ways for people to work, play and converse. And of course, we’ll be working to make sure our monitoring solution finds it’s place here.

There is more new than just Google’s OpenSocial gauntlet drop on Facebook, as a new form of social media service launched as well. Called Utterz, it allows anyone using a cell phone to call in small MediaSnacks of audio, images or text. It’s too early to tell how popular Utterz will be at this point, but it has fired up many of the social media Illuminati… always a good sign.

How do you keep up?